Anti-Bullying Program

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Bullying is a problem, so much so, that it’s negative impact is felt in our children’s mental health and can lead to drug use and suicide.

The earlier our Staff at Prestige Club can begin addressing this problem the faster we can curtail it and have happier and more productive children. The first step is to address what bullying is because it has to be identified to fix it. Bullying is, persecution, oppression, torment, intimidation, and domination.

We break bullying up into five physicals and five emotional disciplines. In an entertaining way what we teach the children are ways they can act when they feel they are being bullied or they see someone else being bullied. At home children feel secure but at school or sports events they can feel scary and even helpless, to see someone get bullied or be bullied themselves. The emotions we address are fear, helplessness, sadness, loneliness and anger. While teaching them easy ways, like; just stop and breath, think before you act, consider your personal feelings, and consider the other person’s feelings.

Also, we teach children quick skill sets to manage anger and recognize that there are consequences to reacting in such a rough manner. Further, the skill sets teach children how to build the self-esteem and emotional tools to move forward.